At just 26 years old, Jim Cobb has already enjoyed a rich, versatile career.  As a guitarist, Jim has studied with Lou Ubriaco and Wayne Krantz.  Recently, he's been seen and heard performing with Urban Fetch, Dave Pettigrew, Jonny Hirsch, Dave Bickler (Survivor), Bees Kneez, and Sly Tremendo, and is currently performing with The Dukes of Surf.  Jim has recorded in the studio for American Idol alums Will Makar and Ayla Brown, and has had guest appearances live with jambands The Breakfast, and Schleigho.  Even with a rapidly growing resume of work as a sideman and session player, Jim has made time to begin writing his debut full length album.  All instrumental and highly improvisational, these compositions fuse the form and theory of jazz with a hard hitting, modern rock aesthetic.

In 2004, Cobb joined up with Wildvine Music, a commercial music house in New York.  Over the next five years, Jim would wear a variety of hats.  During his time at Wildvine, Cobb played electric and acoustic guitar on countless television and radio commercials.  Jim played alongside many renowned session players, such as Buddy Williams, Charley Drayton, Tony Tino, Will Lee, Babi Floyd, Ed Walsh, David Horowitz, Jack Cavari, Lou Marini, Jon Cobert, and many others.  Jim’s contributions at Wildvine, however, weren’t just limited to one side of the glass.  Cobb excels as an engineer as well as a player.  At Wildvine, he tracked in various situations from simple voiceovers to rock, pop, & jazz ensembles, all the way to full orchestras.  And he mixed nearly every one of those sessions as well.  He also gained experience and fluency in the video world as well, producing show reels, editing video, and authoring DVD menus.

Wildvine disbanded in 2009, and since that time, Jim has continued to engineer and edit on a freelance basis.  Recently, he's produced three EPs for heavy rock band Days of Season, mixed “Live As Is” - a live record by The Breakfast, and built DVD menus for “La Cantadora: Totó La Momposina in Concert” - a concert DVD by Drumgirl Productions.  After Wildvine, Cobb also added “teacher” to his growing list of titles.  Cobb specializes in teaching guitar, bass, drums, music theory, and rock workshops. He has taught for several prestigious music schools including the Fraioli School of Music in Greenwich, CT, and Music in Chappaqua in Chappaqua, NY.  He currently teaches privately at his home in Honolulu, HI.